students choose a non-traditional path

students choose a non-traditional path
Posted on 09/08/2022

MOUNT MORRIS TWP., Mich. --- Graduating from high school and then heading straight to college, may not work for everyone.

This is one of the reasons Eric Eggleston founded the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Program. The program is two-years-old and Eggleston says, the idea came from other skilled trade workers who are now retired.

"Their goal, was to so something to encourage more minorities who are not looking to go to a traditional 4 year college," Eggleston says.

The program includes students in the Westwood Heights School District. The program partners with the Youth Development Corporation, which is a Saginaw based nonprofit. It is funded by the Department Corporation of Labor Youth Bill Grant.

Eggleston says, students have the chance to learn construction trades, while also earing a paycheck up to $18 dollars a hour, and have the opportunity to receive college credits.

"Our students, while they're in our construction program are actually earning up to 47 credits. This is through our partnership with Delta Community College. As well as, they're earning a paycheck," Eggleston says.

The Dean of Students at Hamady Middle School, Jordan Robinson says, it's all about giving students options which is so important.

"To pursue something after school and to also pursue their passion. For a long time, school kids have formed to the traditional idea of education. The kind that has pushed for college after high school, which is not the case for every student," Robinson says.

Robinson also says, the program builds a future for the next generation, all while allowing students to save money.

Robinson says, "to build a future for our kids for our community. To put more skilled labor out there, into the community."

Eggleston says, they are looking to add more skilled trade programs in the future, such as cosmetology and journalism. He also says, the program will soon be open to Hamady Middle School, Grand Blanc Academy and Flint residents.
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